It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

It’s just eight days until Christmas. Time is marching on at a pace quicker than my legs will carry me. In my time line it’s somewhere around last May with blossom on the trees, days getting longer and the hint of a hot summer. Certainly not December full of Christmas presents, lights on every house, Maria Carey and long lists of stuff still needed for the 25th.

It’s getting worse each year, I suspect Christmas 2019 will happen just after Easter. The opposite is true for high street shops Christmas decorations in October and Magic radio who have played nothing but Christmas music since the beginning of December (there is so much Cliff Richard I can take before I’m wishing for December 27th). 

Effectively, time is racing by and it scares me that I might miss something especially as so much has happened since my last unread blog: Theresa May fought off a vote of no confidence, Brexit is announced for March, Stacey Dooley won Strictly and some Z-listers escaped the jungle. 

 It occurs to me on too many occasions that I should just stop. Enjoy the day. The 25th of December will happen regardless of whether I’ve remembered to buy the brandy cream.

So the extract I’ve chosen is Olivia wishing to return to a memory and live alittle differently. She’s about to return to the UK after her travels and James has just announced that he loves her:

“… if there’s a moment in our lives that we could return to and change anyway we liked then that single moment, sitting on the beach under a warm sky surrounded by laughing people and a gentle breeze which stroked my hair across my face, would be one of the moments I would run back to – just then, just after James confessed he loved me. Once there, I would slap myself as hard as I could or I would shake me until my shaking head made me dizzy. Then I would sit myself down again and tell me to stay quiet, say nothing, just be………Unfortunately, a moment is only lent to us for us to either enjoy or for us to ruin like muddy snow……..”

Maybe if we can stop and worry less about trivia, pressures of wanting perfection, who won X-factor then perhaps time won’t race by and none of us would be wishing to change a moment. Instead we look forward to the future as we’re having a ball in the now.  Happy Christmas 2018.