A spiritual summer

It’s been ages since I have written anything on this site. Mainly because I’ve been writing my new book (slowly) and also because there is a lack of urgency in what I do for this site as it really is just for me and the few who click on it. This blog is my thoughts, my outlook shared with anyone who can be bothered to visit this page (other than Russian webhacks -please to you rushkies, piss off!)

Any hoo, this summer I’ve learnt the spiritual side of life – what is meant for me will happen. I have waited for a promotion at work which feels like a game of dodge ball. I run after it but it dodges me. I have instead decided to stand still and wait for the universe to notice. The change in outlook came from the realisation that what will be will come my way wherever I am standing on the pitch of this game called life; so stop chasing, stop panicking and wait to be hit. My true belief is those in charge of my universe are devising a cunning plan to make me the next no.1 international best seller. It is happening, I just need belief….

For Olivia, and her lunch friends they chose to run from their dodge ball altogether, instead deciding to chase the wealthy bystanders. However, for the fortunate few in her life there were those who could show her that life isn’t a show it’s a dodge ball gift to share with love. This I tried to show in the two sisters very different weddings. For Janet, Olivia’s sister, her wedding was a simple celebration of love for her beloved Colin:

“When Colin turned to see his bride for the first time I caught his look towards your mother of intense pride, happiness and love. His eyes shone with tears which threatened to fall upon his cheek and his smile was for Janet only. His gaze did not waver from her as she walked down the aisle. As the vows were read their hands clasped each other as if their fingers were 20 little people who had found each other after a long absence. My heart forgot that it was here alone and it forgot it felt lonely amongst strangers instead, it sang for my sister.”

In contrast to this £500 wedding with friends was Olivia’s £100,000 wedding:

” Mark was wearing a white suit and he was also really drunk. As Olivia walked towards him he didn’t look back and didn’t acknowledge her until she stood adjacent to him. I suspect it was because he needed the world to stop spinning before he gave a cursory nod to his bride. When the vows were read it seemed like all he wanted to do was get back to the bar; he repeated his vows in a monotone voice and nodded when they were announced: ‘Mark Mathew Hopkins and wife’ then he cheered to his work mates who were sat directly behind him and pulled Olivia forcefully towards him as if she was the UEFA cup he had just won. “

It’s not the amount of money a day costs but the amount of love within it. If that is missing then stop on your pitch and wait for your ‘dodgeball Colin’ and not a ‘Mark, the wealthy bystander’ – wait for the right day the universe is constructing for you. I write this blog for myself. I’m waiting patiently for my time. I have been rewarded already with a wonderful husband, home and beautiful children. But I’m still waiting patiently for what the universe has in store for me for my work. All I know is that it will be given with much love. I just need to stand still and wait.