Olivia, the wife.

Oliva, the wife, is the first book in the series of The Society Game. It is set over four decades beginning at her childhood. Her teens are influenced by the perceived rejections of her peers and her adoration of the superficial images from magazines and movies.

By her twenties she aspires to find a wealthy husband who can provide all that she wants in life from clothes, grand houses and above all status. But this begs the question: why choose love? Instead choose a gullible man attached to a credit card.

This is the road Olivia chose but with its inevitable consequences....

The old lady and the county line boy

Book two in series:

The next book in the series of The Society Game looks at old age and the hypocrisy of drug use amongst the middle class.

Mabel is an elderly woman living on her own waiting for each day to finish. She desperately misses her husband who died three years ago.

A burglary forces her to reassess her life after her husband, who momentarily comes back to help her, reminds Mabel; 'You're too young to be this old.'

Her subsequent strength indirectly helps to save a young boy caught within the seedy world of the county lines; an industry supported by the British middle class.

ck in the toilet doorway at 3am when her husband returns to help her back to her bed......

The life John-Jack could have won.

Book three in series:

John is an American death-row inmate incarcerated for 37 of his 54 years of life.

Just before he is killed by the state, his guardian angel tries to show him that life is a joy to be thankful for. This John-jack rejects for the depraved society of power and wealth.

Can John-Jack understand the depth of love shown in this world or is he destined to become a member of the political secret society that controls all spheres of todays world?

"..the best difference between them and us is we know there's no such thing as love; The word is there to coax the ignorant little man to let us screw who or whatever we want. Enjoy that power...."

Since 1993

The Society GameĀ by H. Lanfermeijer

There are seven books in the series. Each one is my look at all the things that frustrate me about our society. As far as possible, each tale is based around a collection of true stories.....

Each new generation tries to progress from the one before, but occasionally new ideas get corrupted when we try to put them into practice.

In Olivia, this social defect can be seen with our generation's obsession with how we look (distorting our faces and bodies until we no longer recognise ourselves). And how we reject one path in the pursuit of riches as our magazines mould us to believe success is not just keeping up with the Jones' but now keeping up with the Kardashians. With Olivia this culminated in the inevitable but unnecessary disappointment and deep sadness with her wealthy life.

In the next book, Joyce, the social defect is ignoring the elderly. I'm part of a charity that befriend an aged person to try and alleviate their extreme loneliness near the end of their life. It is the cruellest of social ironies that we work long hours to feed our lives with experiences, material wealth, social status, but when it comes to a time in our lives when we should be enjoying all we have learnt in life, we are deemed too old, incapable and unimportant. Families no longer live with the older generation and so like Joyce, the elderly are forgotten and ignored.

Equality is the third book and looks at how far women have truly come to be equal in work and marriage. Since the suffragette movement women have successfully meandered their way through opposition upon opposition. Firstly, we can now command the right to vote, gain degrees, get any career we wish, but when it comes to juggling a family life and career, today's society still does not fully support a woman and a man to do this in unison. More often than not, it is the female who surrenders her career to bring up children. As in the case of Sam.

Secondly, women are still exploited by a small number of arrogant men who take advantage of the women they perceive as weak and vulnerable and prey on them as they feel their right, hence recently, the need for the @MeToo movement. In the case of Mary, she chose a high flying city job, was highly successful but to shut her up and squeeze her out when she got in the way she falls victim to her boss...

These books (and more to come) are based around true stories collected over the years from friends' tales, stranger tales and pub tales. I know and hope that it will inspire questions about my view on society. But that's a healthy thing, after all, art is just another person's perspective on life. This is my art. Enjoy and debate with me ......


And another thing.....

Each week I will add to my blog excerpts from my book and upcoming books. They will be carefully chosen to elicit debate. As I said it's just my perspective on life and society in the 21st century. Please follow my blog, join my FB and Twitter page. I'm open to debate...