It is crunch time for Teresa May, she will either be supported or hung for her deal. However, even if it is the latter, I will still admire the strength of a woman who agreed to steer the UK through the quagmire of leaving the EU.

My admiration originally stemmed from her agreeing to catch the poison chalice from a cowardly Cameron who harpooned it her way in the first place. But it has grown over the last two years from her strength to deal with a closed angry EU who are refusing to give the British even a crumb for wanting to leave the party early. Of course, no one expects the EU to give us a party bag but there is a bitter throw of the cake on the floor that Mrs May has scrambled to pick up.

My admiration also extends to her holding firm whilst whipping the wolves of Westminster that are surrounding her, vying for her blood all for a taste at the head table.

Nevertheless, I still believe (as per my last blog on the subject; May Day) the EU question should never have been asked as the country was not prepared for the answer curtesy of Cameron’s lazy government. Nevertheless, it’s here and now is the time to pull together and find the British Dunkirk spirit and literally hold hands behind the deal the EU has thrown our way as that is the only option we have to face the seeming tidal wave approaching the British shores.

We all face change in our lives and when change approaches the key to success is looking for the best option out of the mess we may have found ourselves in. Happily, the Dunkirk spirit is in all of us which is holding onto that belief that we can make it better. So, the extract I have chosen is looking at Carolanne and her epiphany that her life is not where she wants it to be and it is time to find a route out:

‘You know my friend,’ Carolanne replied, ‘there is a Bantu word ‘mbuki-mvuki’ which means: ‘to dance naked with wild abandon.’ There is no equivalent English word because very few know how to dance with wild abandon. In there I don’t dance because I’d be dancing to someone else’s beat. I don’t want that in life anymore Ol, and neither should you. Don’t you think it’s time we escaped? There’s got to be something better.’

It’s true there is no equivalent word in English to say, ‘to dance with wild abandon’ but if there was then it would be the ‘Dunkirk-spirit’. There is a change coming our way, the tidal wave is just meters away. Instead of fighting and whipping the prime minister let’s hold hands, brace ourselves for no longer being part of the EU and when that wave has washed over us let us dance in the wreckage with wild abandon then pull together and salvage what is left. The UK is a wonderful place to live with people who do want to make this change work and I believe Theresa May is one of those who encapsulates this spirit.